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JustHost主机因为主机稳定,价格便宜,所以受到很多用户的青睐。但是许多用户刚购买完用了没几天或是还没有开始用就发现cPanel面板无法登陆了,然后出现了一段红色英文提示,根据意思可以知道,原来账户被暂停了。 于是就赶紧联系官方客服,通过简单的交流,提供了自己的账户名和密码后,进过他们的确认,然后一般都会给出以下一段说明的: Summer: We have criteria that we use in determining if an account is legitimate. Due to certain items contained in the account information, this account was flagged. For security reasons, this flag caused the system to deactivate your … Continue reading

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